The world-wide pandemic was life changing and had a profound effect on our founders. It became evident through the ordeal that the hardest hit were the homeless and disenfranchised, who were not able to take advantage of the government programs and who were suffering disproportionally. 

This prompted a “call to arms” by the team to help those less fortunate. Initially, peanut butter sandwiches were being made for homeless shelters weekly, but our founders knew that they could do more. 

As veterans in the fashion industry, we decided to use our expertise and relationships to launch a winter accessory collection with the main purpose of being able to donate hats, gloves and scarves to homeless people. 

This was the genesis of Mishun. A brand of Winter Accessories where we donate one set to a shelter for every set that is sold online or in brick & mortar retail stores. 

Our hope and goal is to be able to donate one thousand sets in our first year.   

Launched in partnership with Manteaux Manteaux, Coats Co., and Froccella stores